2022.02.22. Lab meeting. Victoria presents: research updates.

2022.03.08. Lab meeting. Xin presents: single cell sequencing.

2022.03.29. Lab meeting. Cary presents: committee meeting practice.

2022.04.12. Lab meeting. Mingzhuo presents: protein purification.

2022.03.01. New NCRC COVID-19 Policy: NCRC will move towards a “mask optional” setting inside all NCRC buildings for employees, students and staff effective Tuesday, March 1st.

2022.04.19. Lab meeting. Victoria presents: stacked ref8 suppressor mutants.

2022.05.03. Lab meeting. Xin presents: Pennycress and Camelina seed coat.

2022.05.17. Lab meeting. Cary presents: Arabidopsis seed size.

2022.08.04. Victoria Yell presents at the 2022 Gordon Research Conference, Boston, MA.


2022.08.11. Lab meeting. Xin presents: QsuB gene.


2022.09.01. Lab meeting. Victoria Yell.

2022.09.22. Lab meeting. Xin presents: Two promoters for Pennycress and Camelina.

2022.09.29. Journal club. Victoria Yell. [Link]

2022.09.22. Lab meeting. Xin presents: CRISPR-Cas9 induced CHS mutation in Pennycress.

2022.11.15. Lab meeting. Victoria Yell. A Tale of two VALs.